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Your home is probably your single most important asset. Building or remodeling your home is almost always a trying experience – everyone has hopes and dreams for how the final result will turn out.

Before practicing law, Donald Doherty was a builder. He understands the turmoil homeowners face when something goes wrong, and he understands the predicament a contractor places a sub-contractor in when he decides to go bad. He knows that most builders and contractors licensed in New Jersey are not only fine craftsmen, but honorable people. He also knows that some are neither.

Everyone has heard the horror stories of poor construction covered-up or the contractor who left for lunch and never came back. Not only is a “bad build” a time-consuming headache and expensive to repair, it may place your family in danger or pose a health risk.

There are ways to protect yourself, your family and your most valuable asset. One of our firm attorneys is a former builder. Who better to analyze your contract or explain your case than someone who has actually been in the field? You can protect yourself by making sure draw schedule payments are not too “front-loaded and that payments to subcontractors are properly documented.

Construction law problems are unique. “Construction law” is not just about the contract, real estate law, or about construction liens. It is about the interplay of all these areas, plus the “human dynamic.”

We can take you through the construction contract process to ensure your best interests are being protected. If you are seeking us out after the problem has surfaced, we can guide you not only through the legal channels solutions. Like working with your town so you get a temporary certificate of occupancy and helping outline the parameters for you to repair the work while proceeding against the contractor. This is where the builder-turned-consumer lawyer can really be put to your advantage.

We will assist you in construction and building matters statewide throughout New Jersey

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